Nail Sticks

Several companies have come out with nail polish pens, so Fashion Me Fabulous is giving them a go. The general idea of these pens is that the lacquer is held in the body of the pen that you then click to distribute polish to a brush at the tip of the pen. You can hold it like a pen, which makes the fulcrum of your movement at the base rather than the top like with regular nail polish brushes.

Reviews were mixed. One of our readers loves them, and my mother, who has always had a sloppy time of painting her nails, now refuses to use anything else. I never had the problem my mom had, and while the speediness was impressive, I didn't find the application any easier than a regular brush. I bought a dark blue shade, but I'd like to get a white pen for doing french manicures. becca also loved the speediness of application and drying time, and thought they'd be great for throwing in a purse for on the go touch ups. The paint seemed rather thin and needed two applications. We all used Nic's Sticks by OPI. Sally Hansen also sells them, and on the opposite end of the price spectrum, Yves Saint Laurent.

You may also be interested in Save or Splurge: Nail Polish, Nicole by OPI Ethical Nail Polish, Seasonal Nail Polish.


Annette said…
what an awesome idea, its about time!!!

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