Love or Loathe: Toe Cleavage

I have a few pairs of mary jane flats which come so low as to reveal the little lines of my toes. Different roommates in college declared this cute or gross. Do you care if the tops of your toes peek over your shoes or do you think it makes you shoes look too small?

cream lace ballet flat, ALL BLACK "Lacey Lady", Endless $114.95

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becca said…
If the shoe fits and looks good on the foot, I don't care. I have several pairs that do this. If you get toe cleavage from cramming your foot in a too small shoe or clomping around in too big shoes then it is bad form.
CGHill said…
Frighteningly, what with my impeccable Guy Credentials and all, I once did a post on this very subject, prompted by a pair of Christian Louboutins that to me seemed to have way too much of it. The reaction from my readership was decidedly mixed.
Anonymous said…
I'm in the same position as becca on this. If the shoe is comfortable, I don't mind a little toe clevage.

Anonymous said…
I think in a softer color like that shoe, it would be cute. However, I find a lot of black pumps do this, and I think it looks ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. Can black pump manufacturers not spare the extra inch of leather or alternate man-made material? Seriously?
Anonymous said…
I refuse to wear shoes showing toe cleavage - personally I think it's disgusting.

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