Just please don't call them "kicks"

By now, I've fashioned myself (please ignore any unintentional puns, I hate them as much as you do dear reader) a wide selection of shoes.

Especially for a guy.

As I move out of my small college apartment and into the big wide working world, I've had to move that gather and box them all, giving me far too much time to reflect on the pairs I own, and ignore finishing packing the rest of my junk.

I'm of the idea that shoes are as expressive a piece clothing as a yellow pinstripe suit on a bright day. While most guys have on average three shoes for the three things they will ever have to wear:

-Formal Brown Shoe or Black Shoe for special events or the office

-Casual Boot for hanging out with the guys

-Sneaker, if not for running or basketball, then usually based on the hugely popular Adidas 'soccer' runner

...Some dudes, and most gals, know the kind of impression a well outfitted pair of shoes can make. Although frighteningly overused by the "emo" crowd, the Chuck by Converse, soon to become indie-trendy again out of sheer loathing of it's bastardization (culminating with either the John Lennon chuck, Adbuster's Blackspot "anti-consumerist" chuck (sold for a "stick it to the man" price of $120, or about the same price as the real brand), or the Scribblings From Kurt Cobain's High School Journal Chuck) still reigns king of the sneaker, youthfully ridiculous yet simply designed, what began as a cheap pair of cleats for kids to wear playing baseball (and running from giant Babe Ruth autographed ball eating dog-monsters) can now without surprise appear on the feet of best men and grooms at tacky weddings across North America.

Also, thanks to their basic product line design and use of distinct (and cheap) canvas for material, they're a treat for anyone into modifying their footwear. The shoes soak up paint or (if you must) marker beautifully, and the build is so easy to work with, that you can easily design one pair by mixing elements from five.


Jael Paris said…
Sandlot! I watched that movie all the time as a kid.

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