The Horror: Marc Jersey Dress

Jersey dresses are an easy, breezy gift from God; after all, they feel like a tee shirt but look chic. Athletic inspired dresses aren't my thing, especially since I have no idea where such a monster is supposed to be worn. An athletic inspired mini dress made of jersey rayon selling for $1,565 on Net-a-Porter is just hilarious. Unless the sequins making up the number 9 are made of platinum, all that cost appears to be in the name Marc Jacobs. Does anyone else think this dress look less like a dress and more like an oversized tee shirt you wear to bed?*

*Yes, I'm aware that bedtime and underwear were sort of the theme of that Marc show, but I didn't think this would be one of the pieces to make it into stores.


Rachel said…
What a boring dress. Yep, it looks like something you'd wear to bed.
Crossed said…
The Horror = anything by Marc Jacobs, including his Waterford Crystal. Anything for a buck, and forsake all creativity? The apple does not fall far from a bad grunge show.
Outi Les Pyy said…
I like Marcs way of designing, but this dress is just madness (and ugly). But hey, it´s not the person who ASKS for a high price but the person stupid enough to PAY it... You can always ask. :)

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