Four Similar Striped Dresses

This mini dress with vertical stripes will make your legs go on for miles. It has a subtle amount of shimmer for a night out. Unfortunately, this Temperley London dress is going for a heart-stopping $995 on Net-a-Porter.
French Connection has taken the stripe idea and made it more of a day dress in a long sleeved knit. It's available in the black and grey pictured or in cream and black. FCUK is selling it for a much more reasonable but still out of my budget $198.
Forever 21 has copied French Connection's design and opted to only change the sleeves and waist detail. The maroon sleeveless belted version is $24.80. The cap sleeve dress, available in red or yellow, is $22.80. Which of these dresses tickles your striped fancy?


becca said…
I like the Temperley dress. Sad price tag.
Rachel said…
Weeelll, I like the first one the best. But I'm also a fan of the last two... I think especially the yellow.

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