Etsy Shop of the Week: Topsy Turvy Design

Jael Paris recently told me about an Etsy shop that has very quickly become one of my favorite Etsy shops, Topsy Turvy Design. This shop creates the most amazing hats. Topsy Turvy's designer has been making hats for 7 years. She learned the craft as an intern in a theatre costume shop and fell in love. She worked in textiles and design for years until starting her own business a year ago. She draws her inspiration from history, both the history from books for the periods for her designs and from forgotten bits of history found in flea markets.

The Topsy Turvy Design hats show amazing detail, care, and craftsmanship. Each piece is truly a work of art. I don't know if I could pick a favorite. The designer's current favorites are her Rhinestone Encrusted Top Hattie in Peacock worn with the Peacock Pin and the Marie Antoinette Tricorn Hat. Her top sellers differ for each of her shops, but her top Etsy sellers are the hair clips.

I was most curious about the materials and process of creating these hats, and the designer explained it beautifully:
My hatties are all built entirely from scratch, by hand. I use buckram & millinery wire to build the frames. Buckram is a stiff glue impregnated canvas which with the help of the Millienry wire, holds the hat's shape. This framework is then covered in a fleecy material called domett. Once the frame is mulled, the decorative fabric is handsewn to the frame & the trimmings are applied. I always say that millinery is a combination of sculpture & upholstery.

Topsy Turvy Designs thrives on custom orders, mostly from burlesque performers and models who use the hats in performances and photo shoots. According to the designer these orders keep the creativity flowing.

Visit Topsy Turvy Designs on Etsy or at, which is a very fun website. Excuse me while I go covet some hats.

Photos Courtesy of Topsy Turvy Designs:
Top: Lady Divina Top Hat
Photo: 666 Photography
Model: Lady Divina

Bottom: Victorian Mourning Tricorn
Photo: 666 Photography
Model: Kayleigh H.


Jael Paris said…
And people think I'm strange for wearing a beret instead of a toque in the winter. These hats are so drool-worthy and fabulous! Want!

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