Etsy Shop of the Week: Gr0glmann

Gr0glmann creates funky LEGO and board game inspired jewelry. His creations are bright, playful and original.

He began the shop 8 months ago and has been going strong since. Gr0glmann tries to capture the nostalgia of childhood in a new, creative way. The creations range from Sorry necklaces to LEGO link bracelets. Some of Gr0glmanns favorites include the LEGO minifigs like Indiana Jones and the Scrabble Jewelry. The LEGO Octopus necklaces are his most popular items.

Visit Gr0glmann's shop to bring a little piece of your childhood into your waredrobe. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for just ask, he take custom orders.

"One of the coolest [special orders] I've done is a LEGO engagement ring box with a LEGO man that looked like the guy proposing inside for a couple of LEGO fanatics." said Gr0glmann.

I love the playfulness of this shop, and it brings back good memories.

LEGO Adjustable Robo-Rings $5.99

Photo courtesy of Gr0glmann


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