Project Runway: WWE Divas

This week the designers took a field trip to the wrestling ring where they learned they had to create an outfit for the WWE Divas to wear in the ring. This was no cake challenge for these designers. They were definitely out of their element. This was a difficult challenge, but it's almost time to pick the Bryant Park designers so nothing is going to be easy. As usual, there is a spoiler at the end.

Three were design divas and three were not.

Jillian created the Sporty Spice of wrestling costumes. It was fun and her client loved it.

Sweat Pea couldn't find her inner drag queen and produced a cheap looking, somewhat plain costume. Her Diva was disappointed and so were the judges.

Rami went for all American Girl Next Store, but he ended up with Wrestler Barbie on clearance.

Christian rocked the ferocious inner diva and brought leather and lace into one “fierce” outfit. Although, he didn't look so fierce when the judges thought another outfit was even more ferocious than his. Christian actually won my vote, but his fierce vocabulary needs some ferocious expansion.

Unlike the other designers, Chris feels as home with vamp and camp so it's no wonder his glitter and animal print made him the Queen, I mean winner. His design will even see an actual fight.

Ricky made a cute bathing suit, but not a wrestling costume. For a lingerie designer he really failed on this challenge, which means we finally say goodbye.


Jael Paris said…
This is a ridiculous challenge.
David Dust said…
Buh-bye "SeƱor Weepy"!

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