Try Fake Lashes

I will now post a close up of myself after several hours of dancing and sweating at a New Year's Eve party. Be kind.
Do those eyelashes look fake? They are, and none of my friends knew it. I wore them almost 24 hours without any sort of problem. Not bad for a girl who's not used to artificial things near her eyes.

If you're trying to come up with a romantic look for Valentine's day, try out fake lashes. Go to your local drug store and buy one pack of full lashes and one pack of clustered lashed. (Products pictured are from My glue came with the lashes, but you might have to buy some separately.
First, vigorously coat your natural lashes in mascara.

Even if you want a full fringe, cut the full lashes in half. (I'm only wearing half lashes in the New Year's picture.) It's easier to glue on two smaller parts than a full set. Put some glue on the lashes, wait for it to get tacky, and press them on toward the base of your natural lash. You do not need to start the lashes in the absolute corner of your eye.

When you've applied all of your fringes, put the clusters where you see gaps. I used mine to fill out my lashes as they went in.

Lightly apply another coat of mascara to make all the lashes have the same color and texture. I made my eyes look smokey, but all you really need is a thick line of eyeliner.

Now practice batting your eyes coyly as people try to figure out what you've done to look so fabulous.


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