Buying Into Shoulders and Hips

Puff sleeves, lantern sleeves, barrel skirts, tulip skirts, bubble dresses. Spring 2008 is an update of the soft, exaggerated feminine proportions Dior rocked the world with in the late 1940s. Ladies, embrace (or create) your curves because shoulders and hips are big.
First row: navy cowl neck bubble dress, Thread Social, $134.70
pleated polka dot skirt, FCUK $129.99
vintage black party dress with striped sleeves, Endien of Paris, $49.99
Second row: navy jacket, Forever 21 $18.99
pink cropped cashmere sweater, Kcoline on Etsy $165
Third row: purple silk puff sleeve blouse, Victoria's Secret $48
green corduroy skirt, Ralph Lauren $69
red tulip skirt, Urban Outfitters $48


becca said…
I like the big shoulders trend. If done right it can be very slimming with a cinched waist.
Anonymous said…
I find this reassuring, as my hips have been big sans enhancement since 1998.

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