Stacy London Shows Us How to Wear Pants on Fashionably Late

Let's face it, pants are hard to find. The fit is almost always impossible. The wrong pant makes any outfit wrong. There is no wrap dress equivalent to the pant because all pants fit all of us differntly. A day of pants shopping can easily end in tears, depression, and too much chocolate. For me, it's just easier to call it quits and wear a dress or skirt. Plus, pants can be pricey. All of my pants are so old they've fallen apart. Now I'm left to face a cold Michigan winter in tights and knee-high boots to keep warm. I need pants.

I also need help. We all do. Most of us do not wear pants with the power and elegance of Katharine Hepburn. Thankfully, Stacey London, host of Fashionably Late with Stacey London, and designer Julie Chaiken gave us some tips on wearing pants.

Chaiken says it really comes down to a long day of trying things on. She showed several looks that suggested the following:
-Remember all pants are not made for all women. Some pants will never fit you. That's fine.
-Don't focus on trend pants. Trend pants only fit a small percentage of women.
-Buy them big enough. Who cares if you have to go up a size. It's written inside your pants; no one can see it. Plus, a good fit makes you look thinner.
-Try on different rises, but no low, low rise. You should be able to fit you underwear and your bottom below the waist line.
-Large pockets can help create curves.
-If you are tall go for a cropped look on purpose.
-Wear a shirt that works wit the proportion of the pant. Balance. The wrong top can turn the right pant sour.
-Don't be afraid of a slim cut pant even if you have hips. Try all your options.
-Wear great shoes. But that goes for life in general.


Jael Paris said…
We should have an escapade in pants shopping. These things are best done with a friend for emotional support.

Big pockets where? I have a major peeve with jean pockets that are so long they make your butt look flat. Since I noticed this, I constantly scan butts at the mall to see if anyone has pockets that don't flatten the bum. Usually, 1 out of 50 have flattering pockets.
becca said…
The pockets should sit high enough to define rather than flatten.

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