Shoes for New Year's

You bought an uber trendy dress for that party New Year's Eve. What are you putting on your feet?! If you didn't see what you wanted in becca's latest Target challenge, maybe one of these goodies will catch your eye.

I love that cute ballerina flats are everywhere because they are perfect for a night of dancing. Make sure the flat you pick is embellished enough to shine in the sea of heels, and you should be able to dance until dawn.

A black shoe is a good investment if you're doing New Year's on a budget because you can wear them again and again. Embellishments and patterns will keep a black pump from looking like you came straight from your receptionist job. If your dress is a little wild, a neutral would be your best bet.

If your dress is a solid color, consider buying contrasting shoes. There's nothing that says you have to wear silver with a black dress when you can wear teal instead. Navy? Try magenta. Two words of caution: If your dress is highly patterned or embellished, a colored shoe may make it too busy. Also, don't try to get matchy matchy. The chances of finding a perfect match are slim, plus it may make you look like a lady who lunches.Bold colors: pink patent rose cut-outs, BCBGirls, Zappos $99.95

Metallics are another evening stand-by. If you're not very out-going with your style, pair your silver with silver and your gold with gold. It's hard to mix metals and look right, but if you're one of the brave few, send us a picture! We just might put it up for everyone to enjoy.


Micci said…
I love the green, fish-scale style heels in the third picture.

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