Menswear Trousers

As with vests, menswear trousers generally come in subdued shades of black, brown, and blue. This style of pant plays with waistcoat and military button designs, cuffs, and traditional suit patterns like plaid and pinstripe. Most menswear pants are wide leg, but you can find flares and skinny legs if you look hard enough. Remember to keep things up top closely tailored up top if you go for the wide legs so you don't look like a box.

First row: pinstripe wide-leg, BCBG, Macy's $178
high-waisted button, Urban Outfitters $68
blue herringbone tweed, Anthropologie $168
grey wool plaid, Ann Taylor $79.99
Second row: grey herringbone wide-leg, Forever 21 $27.80
red and black pin stripe, Alice + Olivia, $184.80
suspender pant, Victoria's Secret $39.99
twill sailor pants, Christensen and Sigersen, Net-a-Porter $345

One of the easiest ways to look like a fashion victim in menswear trousers is to ignore your feet. Have your pants tailored so that part of your feet can still be seen. Tailoring will not only keep your hems tidy, but it will also prevent you from being a stumpisaurus. This service should cost between $5 and $15 dollars.


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