How Expensive Are Belts?

For years, belts were not my friend. My hips are ample enough that I've never needed help keeping my pants up, and I rarely wear a shirt that needs to be tucked in. Then I started seeing women cinching billowing shirts and dresses with belts. A little waist is surely something I want to emphasize, plus wearing belts like so adds versatility to my wardrobe. What I can't get behind, however, is the concept of a $100 belt. I understand that at a certain point, it's all materials, and a leather belt from Fendi won't pull on my silk tunic the way a leather belt from Target will. What I'd like to know is how belts are made. My mind categorizes it as a strip of leather which should therefore be cheap, but how much effort does it actually take to make a belt correctly? Are certain buckles harder to make than others? How much of a difference does width really make?

What about you? Do you categorize belts as one of those things that shouldn't cost much? What item in your closet would you like to understand the construction of?

woven yellow belt, Bottega Veneta, Net-a-Porter $490
irredescent patent belt with snake buckle, Roberto Cavalli, Net-a-Porter $1,140


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