The Horror: New Year's Dress

Aside from being a strapless, backless mini dress (proportions also involve balancing how much skin you're showing!), I'm particularly bothered by the tendrils on the skirt. Can you imagine dancing around and whipping the knees of those next to you? And when standing, they'd constantly be brushing against your own legs like a cat that wants dinner. Possibly the only person who could pull this off would be a toned tattoo artist who must, of course, trim those skirt vines. Do any of you faithful readers think this dress is sexy?


becca said…
No. And considering most women don't have this models figure, the dress would look quite trashy on a curvier woman because it would cover much less.
Anonymous said…
Shamefully enough, I really like it on the model. I like it even more in red. However, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of me ever pulling it off, and I know precious few who could. Good for the runway, not practical for real life.
Rachel said…
You were right. Ew.

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