The Horror: Bedazzle Your Crocs

Crocs were bad enough as a basic gardening shoe. They became tragic as an everyday fashion staple. When Crocs started making heels, wedges, and other clunky versions of respectable shoes, they became a full on threat. Now, they have added to the horror.

An innocent trip to the shoe store found me standing in line next to a display of Jibbitz charms. These little plastic numbs stick into the holes on the Crocs and allow you to personalized your shoe with countless cartoon characters, shapes, symbols, sports emblems and even rhinestones or food. From the looks of the charms they plug the holes that allow your feet to breath. The holes are touted as an advantage of the Crocs design. Since they've become an acceptable shoe, I guess they don't need to function anymore.

If you visit the “stylizer” you can build a custom pair of Crocs like the ones above. Don't forget to personalize your Crocs wristband or cell phone holder. You can even add a martini glass, broccoli, or my favorite—a STOP sign.


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