Gift Guide: Shoes that Fit

I love shoes. That said, I love getting shoes for Christmas. However, I have a hard fit to foot so I can be a little difficult to buy for. I also have expensive taste so a pair of shoes may be a bit too pricey for a gift. My fellow blogger, Jael Paris, wants an amazing pair of Frye boots that will last forever and look amazing. Since they are expensive, she's asking for gift cards.

The Gift Card Lab lefts you buy custom Visa gift cards. You can upload your own picture or use one of theirs, add a personal message, and put the recipients name on the card. Gift card lap has three different stylish shoes designs. Or you have give a card that's a little more personal like this one with a picture of the boots Jael Paris wants.

The cards cost about $6 extra to cover the cost of the custom printing. That's not a lot to pay for a personal touch on a gift that doesn't usually seem that personal.


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