Love or Loathe? Screen Print Faces

I've noticed a bunch of hipsters and other lovers of the 80s wearing large prints of faces. Heatherette sent some Wizard of Oz themed dresses down the F/W 2007 runway, and Kate Moss recently produced a tee baring her own famous mug for her Topshop collection. But I'm not a hipster, and I don't love the 80s. Personally, I don't want another face, especially a blown up face, so close to mine. Is this a look you're into? Can you explain the appeal, or are you as clueless as to its popularity as I am?
Left to right: Heatherette, Kate Moss, metallic diva tunic, Forever 21 $19.80


Anonymous said…
The middle one isn't awful, but that's because it doesn't look as face-like as the others. The one on the right could be salvaged. There is no hope for the one on the left. It should be burned.
Jael Paris said…
I personally feel that most Heatherette should be burned, but then I'm not a party hopping hipster.

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