Dress Up Your Curves

Monif C. carries casual and cocktail dresses for sizes 14 to 24. Many of the dresses are a wrap or empire waist style with flowing shirts that flatter a curvy figure. The styles are designed for the curvy figure. This makes a huge difference. I've noticed that a lot of plus size clothing comes in prints and shapes that would only look okay on the super skinny, and even then it's only okay, not good. Monif C. loves fashion and your curves.

This leopard print wrap dress shows of the Monif C. style. If you're looking to impress, this is your dress. A dress this sexy and this comfy (jersey with a silk tie belt) will run you $258.

Since Monif C. is a bit pricey, this dress might be the best buy on the site. It's a convertible dress that can be style up to 22 ways (unless you discover more). These dresses are pricey at $195, but if you think about it, you're getting 22 different dresses. No one will ever have to know it's the same one.

Monif C. also carries large shoe sizes from 10 to 13. These red sling backs will spice up any outfit. (I think I just found another way to switch up the convertible dress.) The website claim soft leather, padding, and arch support will work for your 10 hour day or your weekend dance marathon. The comfort and special sizing add up to $175.

For special occasion wear for voluptuous figures, Monif C. has a lot to offer. (The prices aren't too bad for a special occasion either). If your wallet still disagrees they have a pretty impressive sale section.


Rachel said…
Wow, that convertable dress it pretty cool. It's very flattering too- I think something like that would be a good investment.
Jael Paris said…
The model in the leopard looks beyond hot in that dress.

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